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British Manufacturer
British Manufacturer
400A Framed Unit


400A Powerlock protected by 400A 4P MCCB

Unprotected link out



400A Powerlock with unprotected link through

2 x 125A/3 protected by 2 x 125A 4P MCB with VT/VS RCD with switch disable

2 x 63A/3 protected by 2 x 63A 4P MCB with VT/VS RCD with switch disable

4 x 32A/3 protected by 4 x 32A 4P MCB with VT/VS RCD with switch disable

Eclipse Staging Services

“At Eclipse we have a reputation for only using quality equipment which is why we prefer to use SES products in our Power distribution department. Add to this the friendly and helpful service we get from the SES team there is really no other choice for us” 

Mark Brown, Chairman