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 SES and Le Mark are creating the perfect partnership


The Le Mark group products will now be official distributed by SES in the UK and the UAE. Le Mark have been in the TV, Film and theatre industry for over 30 years, and have seen huge success, now their ever expanding range of tape, flooring and most recently clothing (Dirty Rigger) will be distributed throughout the UK and UAE by SES.






In the vast product line of tapes availiable, Le Mark has a tape for almost every aspect of the entertainment industry. Whether you are working in a dance studio, on a film set, setting up a festival, or on a world tour, their tape is an essential product.

Since 1982 Le Mark has developed some of the most well-known branded tape in the industry, and has the multiple awards to show for it.

Each of the different tapes fulfils specific need. The different types are:

  • Magtape
  • Pro-tapes
  • Safety/Hazard tape
  • Foils
  • Double sided tapes
  • Specialist tapes (e.g.invisible black out tape, flame retardant tape, and silicone tape)
  • Plain and Printed tape
  • Dance floor tape/PVC
  • Custom printed tape


Please check out the Le Mark brochure for the complete specifications of each type, and if you wish to purchase some head to our webshop.



Dirty Rigger


As a subsidiary of the Le Mark Group, Dirty Rigger has developed and grown since its announcement in 2010. The growth of this brand has taken it onto the global platform and there is seldom a festival, stage performance, music tour or exhibition being set up where Dirty Rigger isn't being used.

The practical, and fashionable, range is used by professionals in various job roles but the vast majority work within the entertainment industry, as riggers or gaffers.


Each of the sets of gloves have been designed by the people working on the ground to fulfil specific needs, whether this need be heat resistance, super tough or with a built in LED light for working in the dark, the products are constantly evolving as gaps in the market are discovered.

As well as the gloves, Dirty Rigger has started to branch out, stocking various tools, clothing, belts and bags/pouches. With such variety and versatility in their products Dirty Rigger is a one stop shop for professionals in the industry.


Check out the full Dirty Rigger brochure here.




Working within the arts and entertainment industry, the Le Mark Group have developed a range of flooring suitable for the TV, Film, Broadcasting and professional Dance industries. Having received multiple awards for this flooring range, which continues to expand and develop, demonstrates exactly how Le Mark listens to the industry, working with their customers to fulfil exact needs. The stock of flooring available comes in a vast range of colours and roll sizes, aiming to deliver the highest quality flooring as fast as is required.

SES will now be able to help plan flooring for new customers as well as repeat customers.


Please contact the office on +44(0) 1753 585050 for further information or for a quote.




SWG Power

"SES have been a key partner to SWG in our growth since 2015 and have supplied us with over 250 boards so far, really helping us up our game on our kit quality. The build quality has been excellent, backup support is execptional and we would thoroughly recommend SES to anyone looking for a long-term distro and equipment manufacturer."

Tom Wild - Ops and Projects Director