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British Manufacturer
British Manufacturer
400A 24U Double Rack


400A protected by 4P MCCB with VT/VS RCD with switch disable 

Digital multimeter



1x Powerlock protected by main MCCB

1 x 125A/3 protected by 125A 4P MCB VT/VS RCD with switch disable 

2 x 63A/3 protected by 2 x 63A 4P MCB VT/VS RCD with switch disable 

2 x 32A/3 protected by 2 x 32A 4P 30mA RCD

3 x 32A/1 protected by 3 x 32A 2P 30mA RCBO

6 x Soca each protected by 6 x 16A MCB

Hawthorn Theatrical UK

‘Hawthorns have had a long relationship with SES, making temporary distribution boards often at short notice. SES have been able to cope with very specific designs where they’ve been able to create full specifications, through garbled messages from site when last minute changes are developing. Their attention to detail and fair pricing make them an easy/natural choice.’ 

Martin Hawthorn, Owner