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British Manufacturer
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This is the ultimate alternative for your rental fleet 'mid class' light fixtures. This powerful spot light with 150W white LED engine is pushed through a special narrow glass optic to deliver high output, even at longer distances. It is a compact and lightweight fixture that dares to compete with a 700W spotlight, but is carrying 3 to 4 times less weight. Budget friendly applications and fast setup for effects, without losing the homogeneous beam (beam, lights have hotspots). Its soft rubber coated finish does not generate reflections.




- Fixed angle: 6°
- Full focussing
- Rotation gobo's: 6
- Fixed gobo's: 8
- Facet prisma: 8
- LED engine: 150W white
- Connectivity: DMX 3p in & link
- DMX mode: 15/17ch
- Power draw: 200>
- Input voltage: AC 100V - 240V



- Flightcase: 74,0 x 66,0 x 66,0 cm
- Fixture: 29,5 x 19,5 x 44,0 cm
- 12,0 kg


Hawthorn Theatrical UK

‘Hawthorns have had a long relationship with SES, making temporary distribution boards often at short notice. SES have been able to cope with very specific designs where they’ve been able to create full specifications, through garbled messages from site when last minute changes are developing. Their attention to detail and fair pricing make them an easy/natural choice.’ 

Martin Hawthorn, Owner