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British Manufacturer
British Manufacturer
125A Sound Rack


125A/3 Switchable earth and neutral bond.

125A 4P MCB with VT/VS RCD with switch disable

Individual ammeters for all 3 phases and neutral currents

Switchable volt showing phase to phase, phase to neutral, neutral to earth.



2 x 63A/3 each protected by 3P MCB

1 x 32A/1 protected by 1P MCB

4 x 16A/1 protected by 1P MCB

3 x Soca each protected by 40A 4P 30mA RCD and 6 x 20A 1P MCB

11th Hour Events

"Here at 11th Hour Events we have been consistently growing, due to hard work, a great team and also down to great equipment. We have been using SES, they have supplied our distro for the past few years without any issues. Supplying from 32amp 3 phase up to 1600 amp 3 phase. Gordon and the team at SES have helped us on many occasions to design and build exactly what we need when we need it. "

Andy Hopkins, Project Manager and Director