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British Manufacturer
British Manufacturer
125A Sound Rack


125A/3 Switchable earth and neutral bond.

125A 4P MCB with VT/VS RCD with switch disable

Individual ammeters for all 3 phases and neutral currents

Switchable volt showing phase to phase, phase to neutral, neutral to earth.



2 x 63A/3 each protected by 3P MCB

1 x 32A/1 protected by 1P MCB

4 x 16A/1 protected by 1P MCB

3 x Soca each protected by 40A 4P 30mA RCD and 6 x 20A 1P MCB

White Light Ltd

“SES have supplied White Light with mains distribution equipment since 1997. We have always enjoyed an excellent relationship, working in partnership to achieve the best solutions for our ever growing and evolving requirements. SES now supply White Light with equipment for use in our rental business, for installation in new venues we are equipping, and for our sales division.” 

David Isherwood, Hire & Technical Director