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At SES, we can trace our roots back to 1988 when, as brothers, we formed a company to manufacture and sell electrical equipment to the construction industry. It wasn't until 1994 that SES Film & TV was formed as a trading division, before we separated to form a limited company in 1995.

The equipment we provide can fit into two categories, permanent or temporary, defined depending on whether the product is going to be installed as part of a structure and connected to a source of power by flexible cables. The majority of the equipment produced at SES is for the temporary category, which covers everything from powering touring bands or theatre companies, through to bringing power to locations where it is limited such as outdoor film sets or in fields for festivals. We do, however, also produce equipment for permanent industries, which include wall mounted distribution boxes for theatres, film and television studios, exhibition centres, and industrial locations.

We have always been a true manufacturer and have built our reputation on using high quality components combined with our robust design approach to produce products that are built to withstand the very high demands of the entertainment industry. The phrase ‘working first time, every time’ is the key mantra at SES, and we constantly strive to make the products as good as they can possibly be. 

We have invested in both equipment and staff since the beginning. All of our staff have either been through, or are currently studying towards, technical qualifications at a local college. As a company we constantly review our equipment, and whether it meets the needs of the client, as well as investing in the best machinery to ensure this happens. The components used to make all our units are carefully assessed and the use of premium brand items is encouraged wherever possible. In the uncommon event that we are unhappy with the quality or endurance of the parts, we will often manufacture our own component to guarantee our very high standards are met, for example we have our designed our own 19 pin socapex and variable earth leakage switches. Designs are carried out in-house and customers are given a CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing along with a detailed description of the product, to ensure that they are happy with the technical and visual characteristics before any manufacturing commences. We also keep full historical data of all the projects to allow for them to be rebuilt, repaired or refurbished in the future.

Our product range is as equally diverse as the uses it can have, with over 75% of all the products manufactured by us being custom built to an individual customers specification.

Some of the SES team
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