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At SES a lot of the products that we produce are designed precisely for our customers. After taking the specifications and giving a quote, we use CAD/CAM to individually design the product.  After we have designed the unit to match the quote, the customer will recieve a copy of the drawing to approve before any manufacturing begins. When the green light has been given, the process begins and can last any pre determined length of time to ensure the end product is up the required standard of both the customer and us. The production process from design to delivery is all completed in house.

Below are images of two example CAD/CAM designs based on the specification of our customers. 

If you would like further information about this service, or would like a quote, please contact us on: 01753585050, or email at:



"The Luxibel fixtures were just what we were looking for. We were working on a tight budget and these units fitted the bill. A cost effective high output LED Fixture. We especially liked the blinders it was nice to have a LED Blinder in the rig to save sending out a dimmer rack onsite. The B25 again a nice product with good built in effects and giving a good backlit silhouette effect for bands. I feel though we were unable to use them to there full potential as we were on a very tight budget and would have preferred to use more panels to make a bigger wall.

I look forward to using Luxibel again in the future"

Ben Lattimer - Owner