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Dirty Rigger



As a subsidiary of the LeMark Group, Dirty Rigger has developed and grown since its announcement in 2010. The growth of this brand has taken it onto the global platform, and now there is seldom a festival, stage, tour or exhibition being set up where Dirty Rigger isn't being worn.


The practical, yet fashionable, range is used by professionals in various job roles but the vast majority work within the entertainment industry. Each of the sets of gloves have been designed by the people working on the ground to fulfil a specific need, whether this be the need to be heat resistant, or super tough, or with a LED light for working in the dark. The brand is consistently adding and amending its designs as gaps in the market are found.


SES will now be distributing the entire Dirty Rigger range, including the tools and accessories, in the UK and the UAE.


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