SES - Key personel at SES Entertainment Services Ltd - Ben-Stearn

Ben Stearn
National Sales Manager


Most sports, Holidays and Personal Fitness


Sushi and Reality TV programmes

Who would be your dream dinner party guests?

Mohammed Ali, Frank Sinatra, Tom Hanks, Mila Kunis and Keanu Reeves

What is your favourite movie?

Goodfellas and The Shawshank Redemption


I have been with the company since leaving school and have developed my career from junior technician, building all types of equipment, to Sales Manager. I have a great knowledge of all the products we manufacture so helping customers to get the right products is easily achievable. I have acquired a number of new clients plus I have managed to bring new business ventures to SES. In my personal life I am married and have a daughter. I have spent a long time managing a children's football team, however I have stopped to spend more time with my family but I will return when my daughter is old enough to join in. I enjoy adventure holidays and driving fast cars.


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