SES - Key personel at SES Entertainment Services Ltd - Gordon-Cooper

Gordon Cooper
Operations Director


Ice-cream, Racing cars, shopping and exotic holidays


So called celebrities and Imitation goods

Who would be your dream dinner party guests?

Maichael Caine, Clint Eastwood, Mark King and Anne Hatherway

What is your favourite movie?

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Who is your favourite band?

Level 42


After working in various engineering based roles at the start of my working life, I moved into the electrical industry. I built my career from the ground up ending in a senior salesman role for an electrical manufacturing company prior to starting the SES group of companies.. I have a number of roles within SES ranging from the day to day running of the business, overseeing internal and external sales, major customer relationship building and overseas trading. My other focus looks after the strategic procurement of the own brand product lines.  In my personal life, I am married with two children, and three grandchildren and am a life-long West Ham season ticket holder. My hobbies include keep fit, motorsport, cars and travel.  

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