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British Manufacturer
British Manufacturer
125A Sound Rack


125A/3 Switchable earth and neutral bond.

125A 4P MCB with VT/VS RCD with switch disable

Individual ammeters for all 3 phases and neutral currents

Switchable volt showing phase to phase, phase to neutral, neutral to earth.



2 x 63A/3 each protected by 3P MCB

1 x 32A/1 protected by 1P MCB

4 x 16A/1 protected by 1P MCB

3 x Soca each protected by 40A 4P 30mA RCD and 6 x 20A 1P MCB

Neg Earth

"Over the years we have been working with the team at SES we have developed a number of successful, and industry leading products that are very high spec. No matter the size, timescale or complexity of the project, we have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of the work they have produced. Since beginning our relationship with SES we feel that they have become part of the family, we look forward to working on future projects with them."

Sam Ridgway