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British Manufacturer
British Manufacturer
Current Sensing Sound Rack


125A/3 protected by 125A 4P MCB with VT/VS RCD with switch disable

Digital multi-meter



2 x 63A/3 protected by 3P MCB

2 x 32A/3 protected by 3P MCB

2 x 32A/1 protected by MCB

6 x 16A/1 protected MCB

8 x Soca each protected by 6 x 20A 1P MCB, and each channel has a bi-colour LED indicating 'Red' for power present and 'Yellow' for under load

1 x 13A Aux socket


"The Luxibel fixtures were just what we were looking for. We were working on a tight budget and these units fitted the bill. A cost effective high output LED Fixture. We especially liked the blinders it was nice to have a LED Blinder in the rig to save sending out a dimmer rack onsite. The B25 again a nice product with good built in effects and giving a good backlit silhouette effect for bands. I feel though we were unable to use them to there full potential as we were on a very tight budget and would have preferred to use more panels to make a bigger wall.

I look forward to using Luxibel again in the future"

Ben Lattimer - Owner