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Siemans Alpha Bravo Project - Off Shore Wind Farm, Hull


As a company we produce power distribution equipment for a wide variety of industries from small portable units up to permanent heavy power products.

The principles involved in power distribution are the same whatever the final use of that power be. Electrical safety is as important on a film set as in an engineering role. Our capabilities mean that panels can be produced for a wide range of uses and environments. Permanent panels can be produced for use in factories and on-board ships. Outdoor distribution units are just as easily designed for dockside applications or for military camps. Temporary power is required in a multitude of cases, maintenance shutdowns in petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants, to emergency and disaster recovery situations where all the power has to come from a temporary generator.


All the products above are examples of the different types of products we have produced, they are designed to individual specifications. For further information please contact us directly.


“SES have been supplying PRG with a wide range of Power Distribution for the last 15 years. Whether it be our standard rack systems or more advanced switchgear, SES have always manufactured to our exacting standards and delivered on time. We have always had a great working relationship with the team at SES and we have worked in partnership to improve our ever growing fleet.”

Paul Weaver, Head of EU Asset Management